Course Overview

OSHA 7615 is  a 2 day 10-hour instruction in Maritime Shipyard Employment, and 7635 is a 5 day 30-hour instruction.
Some of the topics covered are Introduction to OSHA, Walking & Working Surfaces, Personal Protective Equipment, Scaffolding & Fall Protection, Electrical Hazards, Confined Spaces, Fire Protection Plans, Hazardous Communication, Lock-Out Tag-Out-Plus. A short quiz is given after each chapter.

Participants must pass a test at the end of class with a score of at least 75%.  Please call for pricing and schedule of the 30-hour class.

OSHA 7615 10-Hour Training – 29 CFR 1915

Price: $125.00

Prizes and food provided

Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

Q: Is the 7615 training required to be able to work for Seaside Staffing?
A: OSHA 7615 or 29 CFR 1915 is required for all of Seaside Staffing contracts.
Q: Do I have to get the training through Seaside Training?
A: No. OSHA 7615 can be obtained through any authorized OSHA trainer.
Q: I am a Seaside employee on assignment and was informed I have to take this class. Will I get paid for it?
A: If the training is mandatory for continuous employment on your current assignment, then you will be compensated for the training.
Q: I filled out an application with Seaside Staffing. Do I have to pay for the Seaside Training class?
A: When a positive hiring decision has been made regarding your application, we will invite you to attend our next training class and you will not be required to pay for it. We encourage all of our applicants who have pre qualified for a future assignment to obtain this training, either through us or another approved venue, as it may give priority in placement over equally qualified candidates who do not yet have the training.
Q: I work for another employer and need the training. Can I register for a Seaside Training class if I don't work for you?
A: Yes. Anyone can register for our classes by clicking on Register For Training in the left hand menu.
Q: I am an Employer. Will Seaside Training provide training for my employees?
A: Yes! You can register your employee’s for our classes by clicking on Register For Training in the left hand menu. If your need for training falls outside of our next scheduled class, or you prefer a separate class for your employees of three or more, please contact us and we will make arrangements that meet your needs. If you are a Staffing Company, please contact us and we will send you our non-compete assurance document.
Q: I am a Client utilizing Seaside Staffing services. What is the cost to train my employee's through Seaside Training?
A: Please contact your Account Manager and they will be happy to provide that information
Q: I am interested in your training, but I have prior commitments preventing me from completing any of the classes you have scheduled. What can I do?
A:  Yes.  Seaside Training will provide a certificate of completion that you are required to carry any/all fire watch assignments, and it is valid for one year.”]A: OSHA 7615 is comprised of 9 chapters. You may attend various days of multiple classes to complete the content, as long as it’s within a 6 month period taken concurrently from the same Trainer. In other words, you must start on Day 1 of a training class, then choose future classes in chapter order, from the same Trainer that you began with on Day 1. You can’t mix Trainer’s and their classes.