Course Overview

29 CFR 1915.504 is an all day instruction on fire watch requirements for incipient fires only, and includes basics of fire behavior, classes of fire, extinguishing agents, stages of fire, and methods for extinguishing fires including the fire tetrahedron.

Participants will learn, for example: how to select the appropriate extinguisher, means of communication, how to alert others to danger, and much more.  Trainees with a passing score will participate in a LIVE FIRE exercise at the end of class.

Participants must pass a test at the end of class with a score of at least 75%.

Fire Safety & Firewatch Training

Price: $75.00 includes Confined & Enclosed space credential

NAVSEA Standard Items: 009-74 3.18.3-4 & 009-88 3.4-3.5

OSHA 29 CFR 1915 Subpart B & 1910.146

Prizes and food provided

Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

Q: Do I need firewatch training?
A:  All persons who will be performing fire watch services in a shipyard must have this training.
Q: What is 1915 SubPart P
A:  The OSHA standards for Fire Protection in Shipyard Employment.  All persons who will be performing any fire watch service in a shipyard must have this training.
Q: Do I have to pay for the firewatch training?
A:  If you are a Seaside qualified applicant invited to attend our class it is at no cost to you.
Q: When is the training offered?
A:  The training is offered during Seaside Staffing normal business hours.  Check with your Seaside Staffing office to schedule training.
Q: How often is the training given?
A:  The training is offered at the beginning of each assignment and annually thereafter.
Q: Who can sign up for Seaside Training fire watch training?
A:Our training is open to any one person or groups of people who need the training. Registration can be done via the menu on the left side of this page.
Q: How long is the training?
A:The training is approximately two hours.
Q: Is there a test at the end of the training?
A:Yes, a test is required for successful completion of the class. 
Q: Will I receive a training card?
A:  Yes.  Seaside Training will provide a certificate of completion that you are required to carry any/all fire watch assignments, and it is valid for one year.
Q: Is your training sufficient for all employer's?
A:Seaside Training facilitates firewatch training in accordance to  29 CFR 1915 Subpart P.  Your employer can verify if this training is in compliance with their training needs.