Find Out What Sets Seaside Staffing Apart From Other Marine Staffing Agencies

Seaside Staffing operates from a fundamentally different foundation. Everything we do, from how we operate to how we make decisions, is firmly rooted in our values. We believe that to see a positive change in our industry, we need to embody that change through providing world-class, integral service to both our clients and tradespeople. Our team values ethics over sales and people over profits.

Right Priorities

Doing right by you is priority one. We will never compromise our work at the expenses of our employees or clients by taking shortcuts. We are simply people who care about those we serve along the way. By keeping this core concept at the center of everything our team does, we are able to provide the kind of integral service one should expect of our industry through our knowledgeable, empowered staff and skilled Tradespeople.


Staffing With Confidence Built In. When you choose Seaside Staffing as your marine staffing provider, you can rest assured in knowing that we understand what it is we’re helping to build – and whom we are keeping safe at sea.
Our proven process provides just the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.